#19: Be Free


Being that today is the 4th of July I thought I would write about freedom. Freedom is something we all want to have as designers and creatives. And “Creative Freedom” is kind of our ultimate. Sometimes when we think we want creative freedom, we really mean that we just want to be free to make things that WE like, instead of creating new and daring work. Now this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t like the work you do because you absolutely should. But I want to talk about embracing the freedom can have when you aren’t confined to the usual things you always do.

Don’t trap yourself in one style. Explore. Wander. Discover.

If you only ever apply what you already have stored up in your creativity bank, or just continually use the same old avenues you will eventually “check out” everything and have nothing to reference or pull from. You will end up bored and imprisoned inside yourself creatively and never find your way out.


You are free to explore. Explore different styles of art, not just graphic design. Explore art history, graffiti art, industrial art, cinema, craft-making, or woodworking.

By viewing and exploring all sorts of different kinds of art you store inspiration in your subconscious that will influence your ideating (coming up with ideas).


You are free to wander. I mean this literally and figuratively. Sometimes it’s good to just get out into a new space and wander. Wander around in the woods or near a lake, wander museums or even the mall (without shopping).

Let your mind wander freely. Daydream, think impossible thoughts, imagine how you would do something if you were someone else. Sometimes the best ideas come when you just let your mind wander.


You are free to discover. As creatives, we have a lot of facets to who we are and what we like. Try to branch out and discover new things about your own creativity that reflect different parts of your personality. When you give yourself the freedom to discover fearlessly you will find really cool things that you may have never realized you had in you.

So today I challenge you, don’t be confined to one avenue of creating. Be free. Explore. Wander. Discover. Then you will be truly free to create amazing work. Design is a wonderful world. I hope you’ll join me here. Because design matters.


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