{ Get Dirty } DT#16

GetDIrtyThis is a hard one for me. I’m pretty sure I verge on OCD when it comes to keeping my hands clean. When I was going to art school to get my degree I had to take figure drawing just like everyone else, it was hard for me to have my hands full of charcoal. Something I have come to realize recently is that I need to get around my aversion to staying clean. Staying clean by sketching and then going to the computer immediately. I’ve been trying to use different tools to create lately, and getting dirty. Using watercolors, sharpies, different markers, paint pens… My design passions revolve around typography and poster design and I’ve realized that i need to have more fun, and get dirtier. I encourage you to explore this kind of creating with me. Use finger paint, use messy mediums, explore and don’t be afraid to get dirty. Clean design may be trendy, clean design is definitely my absolute default so I’m going to be doing this against my nature. I hope you will try this and that you see how freeing it can be. Don’t be an OCD Designer, always doing what looks clean. Get Dirty.


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