{ DO NOT Make the Logo Bigger } DT#35


This is one of those classic pet peeves of designers. The dreaded client question “can we make the logo bigger?” To this I say, tell them no. Not just to making the logo bigger, because often there is something bigger at stake. But why? Because if you concede to this kind of art direction from a client who [most likely] is not an art director, you become a technician instead of the professional. When you say “No, I will not make the logo bigger”, I want you to do it with good reason and with conviction.

You should be able to tell your client why you designed the way you did, and why it’s not a good idea to make the logo bigger or whatever else they are asking you to do that undermines the message of your design.

There’s obviously a lot more than just saying no to your clients; but for today’s tip, try to think about saying no to certain client requests and using your expertise to explain the why behind the “no” based on your design decisions. If you do it well, they will remember why they hired you and trust what you say, hopefully. I dare you to try it.


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