#56 See Type Differently: Conference Talk


This past week I had the opportunity to speak to designers from the SEE/PRC at their annual conference. SEE is a professional association of communication directors, editors, graphic designers, and webmasters. Their members are employed by state affiliates of the National Education Association. Collectively, they serve more than 3.2 million public school and higher education employees. I spoke to this group about the importance of type and why and how we need to see type differently.


Screenshot 2016-06-05 09.07.03

Why does type matter? It is the silent ambassador of our message. People see the type we use and they automatically feel something about our designs. This can be a great thing when done correctly or a disaster when done incorrectly.

Check out the video of part of my talk. We had some technical difficulties so the first half is missing but I hope you enjoy it.

Design is a wonderful world. I hope you’ll join me here, Because design matters.


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