#37: A Few of My Favorite (Free) Things

 The creative process can be full of small speed bumps to huge mountains. Some things can make the actual execution of … More


#25: How to Fill Your Blank Pages { “All this to say” – Sleeping at Last }

We follow family members to keep up with their lives, we follow friends to see what they’re up to, and we follow interesting people for entertainment. But as creatives, we should have a more intentional group of individuals to follow.

#24: Success takes patience { “Hiding Place” – Kye Kye }

Being patient and consistent and not giving up while waiting for success will yield some amazing benefits.


#23: How to Follow Trends and Not be a Sellout { “Glass House” – The Classic Crime }

Avoid the trauma to your creative self, and learn how to use trends to your advantage without selling your artistic soul.


#22: Risks Not Taken are Misses { “Out My Way” – House of Heroes }

There can be perfection and amazing beauty in the imperfect, in the abstract and messy-take risks.