#55: The Myth of the Right-Brained Designer

If you are a designer, and someone were to ask you if you are right brained or left-brained, chances are … More


#32: Design Process: Research & Brainstorming

The research and brainstorming stages will be the most time-consuming but most worth it of all your steps.

#23: How to Follow Trends and Not be a Sellout { “Glass House” – The Classic Crime }

Avoid the trauma to your creative self, and learn how to use trends to your advantage without selling your artistic soul.


#22: Risks Not Taken are Misses { “Out My Way” – House of Heroes }

There can be perfection and amazing beauty in the imperfect, in the abstract and messy-take risks.

Be Weird

{ Be Weird } DT#13

Especially as creatives, we really need to explore and be confident in our weirdness.