{ Let the Image Guide Your Type } DT#37

If you are creating a design using photos as your primary backdrop, let the image give you a guide on where … More


#26: 9 Ways Photography Can Make You a Better Designer { “Photograph” – Weezer }

I love that the fact that knowing how to do great design, can also help me take great photos. And now it can do the same for you if you make the connection.

#25: How to Fill Your Blank Pages { “All this to say” – Sleeping at Last }

We follow family members to keep up with their lives, we follow friends to see what they’re up to, and we follow interesting people for entertainment. But as creatives, we should have a more intentional group of individuals to follow.


{ Design for the Content } DT#17

You will save yourself a ton of time and headaches if you are sure to get content before you start to design or layout anything.


#22: Risks Not Taken are Misses { “Out My Way” – House of Heroes }

There can be perfection and amazing beauty in the imperfect, in the abstract and messy-take risks.